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Distressed Properties, A Dying Gold Mine for Investors?

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Distressed properties, such as foreclosed or short-sale residences, have historically been a popular target for home flippers and real estate investment professionals throughout the United States. Foreclosure rates in the US are at a decade low, with 1 in 100 homes in the US being foreclosed. For the past two decades investors have been buying foreclosed homes for lower than market value prices, repairing them, and reselling them for profit. But with foreclosure rates being at a decade low, investors are finding more clever ways to buy homes for a lower value, only to resell in a few months for profit.

Investing in homes is all about money. If a house has no equity, the investor won’t even spend the time to look at the house. That is why foreclosures were such a gold mine for investors, most of the homes they would buy had lots of equity in them, but the homeowners could not make the payments. Another option investors used in the distressed homes market is to contact homeowners in foreclosure and make an offer to buy the property before it goes to auction. "The "We buy ugly houses" crowd has been using this model successfully for years. They come out, inspect the property, and make a low ball offer with the promise of a fast, cash settlement. Many times this would put homeowners in between a rock and a hard place, choosing whether to sell their home for a low price in hopes of the foreclosure not being on their financial record but not make a dime from selling their home and sometimes getting into the negatives or deal with the foreclosure process through the bank and ruin their credit and lose their home. Investors understand the difficult situation homeowners tend to find themselves in and exploit it for profit by low balling those in need. Rebel Home Offer rebels against this corrupt system offering the highest possible offer on someone’s home, so they receive the most money for their home. Rebel does this by having investors compete for a home, giving their highest possible offer on a home. 

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